A couple of years ago I bought a Made In USA robot platform from Parallax Inc. which has been standing around doing nothing. The time is NOW, to get it up and running.

The platform includes 2 x HB-25 motor controllers which I want to interface to LabVIEW.

This VI maps an input which range form -100 to 100 to an input which will work with the HB-25 in mode 1.

I am implementing this VI on a MyRIO, but with only minor changes it should work fine on any other LabVIEW IO devices.

This VI is used as a sub VI and will be duplicated; One SuUbVI for each motor.

The values for the conversion was mapped using standard linear mapping as per my post: Linear Mapping of Input Range to Output Range.

HB-25 Motor Control (SubVI)


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